A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Insatiable Creatures was created in the span of less than a month for NaNoRenO 2017. It was developed using Ren'Py.


When four high school students go missing after exploring a local haunt spot, Mythology teacher Thalia senses that supernatural forces are the real cause of the disappearance. Too busy (or perhaps lazy) to investigate herself, she bribes her apathetic TA to examine the scene for clues. Lucas approaches the task with his usual sluggish indifference, but even he is astounded by what he uncovers.



> Kinetic gameplay <

> 1280x720 resolution <

> Full English voice acting <

> Complete playthrough in ~15 minutes <


I'm using free assets for this game, released under the CC BY-NC 3.0 license.

GUI - potouto
Sprites - Shida
Music - Kevin MacLeod
Writing - PB&Jelly
Programming - PB&Jelly
Male Voices - James Cheek
Female Voices - Jill Harris


InsatiableCreatures-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 56 MB
InsatiableCreatures-1.0-mac.zip 51 MB
InsatiableCreatures-1.0-pc.zip 66 MB
InsatiableCreatures-1.0-win.zip 53 MB


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Loved the voice acting, the story(as short as it was), the characters and how their interactions with one another were. Also curious about Lucas backstory, especially concerning Jennifer. Wishing and hoping for possible games with Lucas and  Thalia in them!

how do i download this it just appears as a zip file as i am new here i need to know

i am on android btw

Hi, there! Just unzip the file and click on InsatiableCreatures.exe to play the game.

This was pretty good. Voices were superb and the moments of suspense were top notch. Played really well and no problems. Great game. Well done... :)

Could you please mark the releases with their platforms? I'm having trouble downloading games from itch.io on a web browser at the moment, but I can't download this through the itch.io client, since there's no version marked compatible for Windows. Thank you!

That was really great :) I wish it was longer! The voice acting was spot on too.

Nice game. Keep up the good work.

Hi! There's just one ending, right?